Sample Arexx files available for downloading
FractureAndSmoothIt Get the selected object, fractures all its faces and smooth it.
Adds more definition to an object.
ScrewthreadV3 Creates a screwthread.
Twirl Creates a planisphere, only composed of twirling longitudes.
IMArexxA A collection of 6 Arexx scripts by Matthew Parker.
ColrFc2Sub - Converts coloured faces into subgroups.
FindBrsh - Identifies objects that use brushes or textures.
fix_objects - "merge" a number of objects, fixing any errors.
qren - Quickrender and save to RAM: without showing requester.
Sharp2Quick - Convert "Sharp" edges into "Quick" edges.
Subgroup2Obj - Split subgroups into seperate objects.
MakePath w/edges Make a path using edges.
MakePath w/points Make a path using points.
makeDNA Example script demonstrates parsing an ASCII text file,
and using the data contained within to create an object.
The example data file creates a C180 fullerine and a short chain
of DNA. With additional programming, it should be possible to
create larger protiens.
This archive contains the AREXX script, required object files, and
an example object file of the finished result.

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