Productivity Tools


The tools in this section have been created with either AutoLisp or VBA.
Some of the files listed below are freely downloadable for your personal use. A number of the products take a step beyond the basic "macro" style of productivity booster - due to the complexity of these products, some are only available by ordering (for a nominal fee). Where relevant, a hyperlink will be available next to a product to allow for a more descriptive explanation of the features.
We welcome feedback on all our products. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or even ideas for creating new productivity tools, then please email us at the address provided in the contacts section.

Files available for download or ordering
Along Draw/move entities a specific distance along a line.
ASCTEXT Import text from an text file.
Case Change text to upper/lower case.
CT Replace occurrences of text with the specified text.
CAT Copies all attributes from one (title)block to another.
CHT Change text formatting (height/justification/style etc).
DA Dtext Append; Appends text to existing.
DelLayer Deletes all entities on named layer(s) - supports wildcards.
F0 Set Fillet radius to 0 quickly.
Flatten Flatten all entities to elevation of 0.
GB Draws a GuideBox within a selected viewport (help provide visual feedback of working area in modelspace).
Lights2 Insert and layout luminaires in a room.
RepBlk Replace one block type with another.
RS Respace text lines (or other entities) to a uniform value.
RVC Revision cloud (allows transparent pan/zoom).
ScBlk Scale block(s) around their insertion point.
Swap Swap entities positions.
Tx2Mtx Convert dtext to mtext.
UClr Update the colour of all entities within a block to a single colour (e.g. colour=BYLAYER).
ULay Update the layer of all entities within a block to a single layer (e.g. layer=0).
VScale Selecting viewport returns its zoom scale.
ZVP Sets viewport scale (mm unit based drawings).
ZVPM Sets viewport scale (M unit based drawings).
PathInit automatically update the drawing filename/path attribute within a titleblock/drawing sheet.
DefpointInit Enables Defpoints layer (if disabled) at each drawing load.
Download note: The files are currently being repackaged into individual Zip archives, with their own installation and usage information.
Links and information pages will be back soon! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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