Navigating around a CAD drawing must be one of the most common tasks a user performs whilst creating or editing a drawing.
Recent releases of AutoCAD have improved navigation speed through the implementation of Realtime Pan and Zoom. Although helpful, a better way to boost speed is by utilising shortcut keyboard commands in tandem with mouse selection. The following shortcuts can all be executed whilst keeping one hand on the keyboard with the other on the mouse - after a short period of use, you will wonder how you ever managed so long without using this method. Say goodbye to using slow menus, toolbars, and fiddling with the popup menu!

These shortcuts have been combined into one AutoLisp file
ZO Zoom Out (0.7x display).
ZI Zoom In (1.7x display).
ZE Zoom Extents.
ZP Zoom Previous.
ZA Zoom All.
ZW Zoom Window.
zooms.zip (0.6Kb)

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