Creating a simple Asteroid
- Experience level: Beginner -

This tutorial is a beginners step-by-step guide to creating and texturing a simple Asteroid type object.
For reference purposes, the final object has been made available for downloading. The link can be found
at the end of this tutorial.
Techniques covered in this tutorial include:
  • Adding primitive objects,
  • Selecting objects,
  • Applying Stage F/X to objects,
  • Using the Smoothing Tool,
  • Adding Procedural Textures to an object,
  • Quickrender previewing.
  • Goto the Detail editor.
  • Add a primitive sphere object.
       A primitive sphere object can be added by selecting the Object/Add/Primitive menu item,
       or by clicking the Prim button on the row of user gadgets at the bottom of the screen.
  • Set the Radius to 50, Circle sections to 20, Vertical sections to 20, and select Ok to create the sphere.
       (View screenshot)
  • Pick the sphere object by clicking the cursor on the spheres center axis point.
       The sphere object will now change colour to indicate its selection.
       (View screenshot of unselected or selected sphere)
  • Apply the Spike stage f/x to the sphere.
       Select the Functions/Apply Stage F/X menu item,
       In the filerequester, choose Spike.ifx from the Imagine effects directory,
  • Modify the Spike settings to the following, and select Ok to perform the Spike operation:
       Time = 50%
       Radially, from axis (selected)
       Minnimum Spike Distance = 75
       Maximum Spike Distance = 200
       Minnimum Spike Cycles = 0
       Maximum Spike Cycles = 3
       Dispersion Adjust = 0.6
       (View screenshot)
       The sphere object should now look like this...(View screenshot)
  • Apply the Smooth tool.
       Select the Functions/Smoothing Tool menu item,
       Set the Iterations value to 25, Lock Points enabled, and select Ok to start the smoothing operation.
       (View screenshot)
  • The spiked sphere should now look like an irregular looking asteroid.
       (View screenshot)
       Keep in mind that the perspective view can be rotated to view the object from different angles.

Adding texture to the asteroid

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