Step 4 - Creating space for the holes

As you can see from my bin, it hasn't got holes all over it and most bins don't. That means we are going to have to say exactly where to put the holes.
Go back to Imagine and select the bin by clicking on it. Press Delete on your keyboard. Now load the outline you saved before (Object, Load, then select the name of the file you saved it as). We need more sections in the side of the bin. Click Mode, Pick, Edges to enter pick edges mode and click the two points at either end of the line that makes the side of the bin (see figure 1). It might be easier to use the Drag Box to select the line. To do this click Mode, Pick Method, Drag Box. To create more points along this line click Object, Fracture. You will notice a new point appears in the middle of the line. Click Object, Fracture again and more points should appear. We are creating these points so we can tell Imagine to use them to mark the start and the end of the holes. You must decide where you want the holes to appear on your bin and fracture lines until there is a point to mark the start and the finish of your holes. The following steps are just what I did to get my start and finish points.
Now with the Drag Box (Mode, Pick Method, Drag Box) select the top line of the side of the bin (figure 2). Now fracture this line (Object, Fracture). Then select the line between the bottom point you have selected and the point you have just created (figure 3) and fracture it (Object, Fracture). Click Mode, Pick, Groups. We need to sweep the outline to make a 3D object again by following the instructions in Step 2.

Click to see the full Imagine window You should now have a 3D bin similar to this one. Save it as "bin" in the same directory as you saved the outline (Object, Save).

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