Global FX are post production FX modules that can modify the image created by the renderer - the only difference between Global FX and standard post production techniques is that the FX modules know about the Imagine rendering world (frame numbers, object positions, object geometry, etc.) and can use this information to direct the post production.

Global effects
haze_pic Haze.
This effect will key off of a specific colour in an image, and blend that colour outward from wherever is is found. Bright objects can be given an apparent glow or halo by telling the effect to look for the colour of the bright object.
This effect is animatable: Something can flare up and/or down during an animation, over any number of frames.
fade1_pic fade2_pic fade3_pic FadeToColour
This effect will fade an image in/out to any specified colour, over any number of frames.
toon_pic Toon
This effect will take a rendered image, and turn it into something resembling a cartoon.
Like all effects, this can be animated over time.
nega_pic Negative
This effect will turn an image, or animation, into a negative (reverse image).
Like all effects, this can be animated over time.
solar_pic Solarize
Solarization is another photography "trick". The idea in a black and white image would be to leave dark areas dark, push mid-tones to white and push light tones to white.
This effect does something similar, but in colour and results in a creepy, psychedelic look. A black and white solarization can be achieved by combining the RGBMix and Solarize effects.
Like all effects, this can be animated over time.
rgb1_pic rgb2_pic RGB mixer
This effect allows the remapping all of the colors in an image.
By remapping the colors, a colour image can be converted into a gray scale (not only a gray scale, but a TV ballanced black and white image), change the intensity of a particular colour, or create a false colour image.
Like all effects, this can be animated over time.
melt1_pic melt2_pic melt3_pic Melt
This effect will take an animation, perform a "liquidy" effect, and slide the image off the screen.
contra_pic Contrast
This effect will alter the contrast of a final image.
Like all effects, this can be animated over time.

All the above effects are currently available in versions for the 68k and PowerPC processors.
Cepia, LensFlare, and NewLensFlare are only available for the 68k. (PowerPC versions available soon)

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