Quake GUI

Quake is simply the most famous 3D Game of all. In December 1999, the authors of Quake, ID Software, released the Quake Source Code under GPL License.

An Amiga port of Quake comes from the efforts of:
Frank Wille frank@phoenix.owl.de,
Steffen Haeuser MagicSN@Birdland.es.bawue.de,
Massimiliano Tretene glquake@.libero.it
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) was created by Martin McKenzie martin@cadtechnologies.co.uk

The Quake archives available from Aminet are provided with the GUI. It is recommended to use this GUI, since you then do not need to be concerned with setting stacksizes or typing long cryptic command line parameters. Of course, you can switch the GUI to "No Popup" if you do not want the GUI to display each time Quake is started.

The GUI supports having several Game-Icons; one for the Base-Game and several of them for every Quake-Addon you play, so that all Addons can have different configuration files.

The GUI of Quake uses the following Tabs:

qgui_gfx qgui_audio qgui_misc
Graphics Audio Misc.
qgui_gfx qgui_gfx
Network Game

Additionally, the GUI also supports several Tooltypes.
  For further details, please refer to the comprehensive documentation included with the archive.

Amiga Quake and the GUI can be downloaded from your local Aminet archive mirror site (search for "quakewos"), or can also be obtained from Clickboom softwares Nightlong game CD.

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