NEWS Archive 1998 - 1999


News relating to Amiga Imagine owners:

31st Dec. 1999

- Amino Development Buys Amiga Name, Inventory From Gateway. - Amino Development Corp.
has purchased from Gateway the Amiga trademarks and Amiga computer systems. Terms of the transaction
were not disclosed.

29th Dec. 1999

- From January 2000 DCE Computer Service will produce the BVision/CVisionPPC graphics
cards, and the CSPPC-233 accelerator card under license from Phase5.

24th Dec. 1999

- AmigaOS 3.5 Update Available. Amiga have released
Boing-Bag 1, which includes extensions and some bug fixes to the OS3.5 release.

4th Dec. 1999

- Imagine ACUP V5.17 undergoing beta testing.

6th Nov. 1999

- The OS 3.5 FAQ page has been updated.

27th Oct. 1999

- Amiga OS 3.5 website updated with a new Frequently Asked Question section.

24th Oct. 1999

- Updated Chapter 1 of the (preliminary) V6 electronic manual.

21st Oct. 1999

- Updated the preliminary version of the V6 electronic manual, which can be found
at the ACUP download area.

18th Oct. 1999

- Haage & Partner announce that AmigaOS 3.5 is being delivered to dealers.

17th Oct. 1999

- Added preliminary version of the V6 electronic manual to the ACUP download area.

2nd Oct. 1999

- Announcement to confirm that Amiga Imagine is still in active development.

24th Sept. 1999

- Amiga OS 3.5 website updated with announcement that localization in French and
Greek is underway, some information about the upcoming advertising campaign, and a whole load of
impresssive screenshots of the various features of the new OS.

17th Sep. 1999

- Open Letter to the Amiga Community - Amiga president, Thomas J. Schmidt,
offers this note acknolwledging the frustration of many in the Amiga community after it was revealed that
Amiga does not plan to build Amigas in the future. He also confirms that their new direction has nothing to
do with the original Amiga computer. He does claim to be committed to seeking out third-parties who might
be interested in developing a next-generation Amiga computer and operating system.

16th Sep. 1999 - Motorola CPU roadmap up to G6 released! Read the announcement at the Motorola
press release page.

14th Sep. 1999

- Executive Update

- Amiga president Thomas J. Schmidt confirms that Amiga will no
longer be developing an Amiga computer. Their focus is now on software - hardware will be left up to
third parties who will include Amiga software on their systems. Other information includes the fact that
Amiga software will now run "on top" of many Operating Systems (no further explanation given).

13th Sep. 1999 - The SEAL web site have an interesting interview with ex-Amiga employee Fleecy Moss.

10th Sep. 1999

- Changes at Amiga - All the US staff have been removed from the Amiga staff web page,
The Amiga Bulletin Boards have all apparently been removed from the Amiga web site, The reference to
OS 5 has been removed from the Amiga Operating Systems page.
Business Week Online web site is reporting that Amiga has dropped plans to come out with new Amigas
and instead will be focusing on Internet user interfaces.

6th Sep. 1999

- Executive Update - Here is the first official statement from the new president of
Amiga, Thomas J. Schmidt.
Mr Schmidt says that he will focus "on the emerging Internet Appliance market space", and that they will
share the details when they are finalised.

4th Sep. 1999

- Added new pictures to the gallery pages.
Added new MPEG animations to the anims page.

2nd Sep. 1999

- Updated the V5.16 "new user" archives (PPC versions of the effects were missing...)

1st Sep. 1999

- Gateway's Amiga President Jim Collas resigns. Tom Schmidt has been appointed as his
Bill McEwen confirms that he was let go by Amiga.

31st Aug. 1999

- Added V5.16 "new user" version to the ACUP download new user section

28th Aug. 1999

- New ACUP release now available for download - V5.16

26 Aug. 99

- Amiga post information and pictures at their WEB site about the Australian
Amiga Downunder 99 show.

16th Aug. 1999 - Iwin Corporation announced their production plans for a range of classic Amiga compatible

12th Aug. 1999

- Amiga to Develop Games Consoles, Digital Music Players.
Jim Collas interview with the Wall Street Journal outlines Amiga's ultimate goals to produce
information appliances for mass audiences.

30th Jul. 1999

- Imagine ACUP V5.16 in beta testing stage.

28th Jul. 1999

- Amiga put pictures of the Amiga MCC online.

16th Jul. 1999

- Amiga releases the technology brief for the AmigaNG systems.

9th Jul. 1999

- Amiga selects Linux as their Next Generation OS Kernel.
For more information, check out the following announcement page at the Amiga WEB site.

29th Jun. 1999

- Added some new tutotorials to the tutorials page.

20th Jun. 1999

- We are proud to announce a new service: Photo-realistic printing. Please refer to the
Printing service page for further details.

17th Jun. 1999

- Amiga announce the Big Animation Competition Powered by Amiga.
A 30 second trailer is required for the OS3.5 promotional release. The animation should be produced using
Amiga software, and prizes will be available such as 3 Amiga 1200 HDD Magic Packs and 25 of the new
OS 3.5 upgrades. Deadline for submissions is 15th October 1999.
For further details, refer to

16th Jun. 1999

- Amiga announce that the Beta versions of OS3.5 are being distributed to the Beta testers.

16th May 1999

- World Of Amiga Show details.

22nd Apr. 1999

- WarpUP Release 4 is now available. It can be downloaded from

9th Apr. 1999

- Beta testing for AmigaOS 3.5 is planned to begin in May

19th Mar. 1999

- Phase5 have announced details of their Cyberstorm G3/G4 project.
This pure PowerPC card will be available with either a G3 or G4 (with Altivec) processor, which will be user
upgradable. The base configuration will contain a 400MHz PowerPC750 (G3) processor and 1MB backside Cache at
200MHz, which should allow speed increases of around 15-20 times the 50MHz 68060 processor.
Standard 100MHz SDRAM will be used via two DIMM sockets, providing support for up to 1GB of main memory.
System software will be provided through 3rd parties e.g. AmigaOS 3.5 (or later)/Haage & Partners PowerPC support.

16th Mar. 1999

- The official AmigaOS 3.5 WEB site has been opened at
Phase5 have updated their 68k and PPC drivers.
Vision Factory Developments
Cybergraphics V4.1 has been released.

11th Mar. 1999

- Added beta version of the ImagineGL previewer to the ACUP download page.
This is a test program to demonstrate hardware accelerated OpenGL object display using
Currently, there is direct hardware support for the Virge (CV3D) and Permedia2 (CVisionPPC/BVisionPPC)
chipsets. The Voodoo (PicassoIV-addon) will be automatically supported when the card and its Warp3D driver
are released.

23nd Feb. 1999

- Added new page to the GUI comparison area.

22nd Feb. 1999

- Added new pages to the brushmaps download area.
Updated the ACUP feature list page

8th Feb. 1999

- New ACUP release now available for download - V5.15

27th Jan. 1999

- Updated ACUP download page to include a "first time install" archive for new ACUP

13th Jan. 1999

- Amiga Inc. are now providing an Amiga OS 3.5 Announcement List. Upon joining this list,
you will be emailed when OS 3.5 is officially announced.

Some arexx scripts added to the arexx downloads page.

22nd Dec. 1998

- Escena announce that they are a little behind schedule with the G3 PPC cards.
A memory interface has been designed for the card which is, technologically, a very sophisticated solution.
The shipping date for the first production boards still remains by the end of the first quarter 1999.

21st Dec. 1998

- VillageTronic announce Voodoo project will go ahead.

18th Dec. 1998

- Warp3D and StormMesa 3.0 released by Haage & Partners.
Warp3D is a hardware independant 3D driver system, currently with support for the Virge chip of the
Cybervision3D gfx card. Soon, there will be drivers for the Permedia2 chip
(CyberVisionPPC/BlizzardVisionPPC), and the Voodoo chip (PicassoIV add-on)

StormMesa provides the possibility to run OpenGL applications on the Amiga. Versions for the 68k and PPC
processors are included, and Warp3D is supported if installed.

11th Dec. 1998

- Please support the Voodoo project of VillageTronic.
The following report from Haage & Partners describes the possibilities of this powerful 3D chip,
and its support by Warp3D.

5th Dec. 1998

- Security Advisory for Amiga Internet Users; It is now known that a security leak
has been found, and a number of people have had their Internet ISP logon passwords distributed on the WEB.
For more information on this attack, please visit the Nordic Global WEB site, and follow the "News" link.

4th Dec. 1998

- WEB site redesigned.

Nov. 1998

- V5.14 of ACUP released: PPC version. The global effects now include support for the
PowerPC processor. Please refer to documentation for further details.

5th Nov. 1998

- Escena announce their intentions to produce a G3 PPC card for the Amiga.

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