Imagine Timeline and Historic Archive

Detailed on this page you will find information on the history of Imagine, and its previous name 'Silver'.
For those interested in how the software has evolved, there are a number of downloads available including:
  • Historic versions of Imagine & Silver software in ADF disk archive format
  • Photos of product disks
  • Screengrabs of product splash screens
  • Scans of product box covers
  • Scans of product manual covers
  • Historic product manuals in PDF format
We do not have digital copies of the above for all historic versions of the software. If you have any digital files that would allow us to expand this archive, please send them for inclusion to:

Software history timeline

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Files available for download
Manual Software
Silver - - -
Terrain - - -
TurboSilver - Front cover
Back cover
Flat version
PDF manual
Silver V3
Silver SV
Imagine V1 - Disk 1
Disk 2
Morphus - - - -
Imagine V2 - - - -
Visionaire - - - -
Diamond - - -
Imagine V2.9 - Disk 1
Disk 2
Imagine V3.0 Front cover Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3
Imagine V4.0 - - - Disk 1
Disk 2
Refer to the Products and Ordering pages for details and ordering information for the current commercial V5 and V6/ACUP versions.

The software available for download from the above table is provided for reference only. There is no guarantee that any of the above listed historic software versions will function correctly on current Amiga Systems, emulated or otherwise.
It is at the users own risk if they elect to install and use any of the historic software versions.
The performance, stability, feature set and presentation of these historic versions of the software should not be compared to, or bear any reflection on, the current commercial sales version of Imagine.

NOTE: The files, including archive and disk image content, listed above remain the copyright of Impulse/CADTechnologies.
The files, including archive and disk image content, shall not be hosted or be made available for distribution on other mediums such as websites, FTP sites, email, P2P or other electronic distribution methods. Further, no files may be made available for distribution on electronic media including, but not limited to, Floppy disk, CD, DVD, Memory stick, Memory card or other such method.

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