Imagine was first introduced on the Amiga computer platform in 1987 (originally named Turbo Silver). Now Imagine is at Version 5.0, with the Constant Upgrade Program in active development to help us work towards Version 6.0.

The Constant Upgrade Program, and the Version 6 release, demonstrates our continued commitment to the Amiga platform; offering high quality 3D software for a price within the reach of all computer users.
Make sure you visit our Gallery page, where you will find a host of images created by users just like you.

When you think about 3D programs you immediately start to add up the features... Imagine is very robust and the feature list is almost endless. If we missed something that you feel you need, or you don't see it here in the feature list, drop us a note at and we will be more than happy to respond to your request. If you want to know what we are adding to Imagine, please check out our A.C.U.P. page to see just what's going on.

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Imagine5 Constant Upgrade
Quake GUI

Imagine related material

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